Topics of interests

For about forty years I was engaged as an arbitrator in the economic field national and international. In more than one hundred international arbitration proceedings in the court of arbitration attached to the Chamber of Foreign Trade of the German Democratic Republic I acted as chairman or member of the tribunal. The parties came from all over the world but mainly from member countries of the COMECON, but also from Western Europe and the United States of America.

I have been arbitrator also in other institutional courts of arbitration like the International Court of Arbitration of the Economic Chamber of Austria or the International Maritime Court of Arbitration at Gdynia (Poland)

Moreover I have been an arbitrator in dozens of cases in ad-Hoc arbitration proceedings in Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland.

I gathered experience participating in international conferences and seminars on arbitration, among others in England, France, India, Yugoslavia, and Austria.

Repeatedly I analysed and commented arbitration proceedings in scientific legal journals in Germany and France like Rabels'Z, RIW, IPRax and Journal de droit international. Since 1990 I work mainly in the field of restitution for victims of Nazi persecution.