About 350 articles in German and foreign legal journals on various subject matters of legislation, international trade law, foreign law and comparative law as well as unification of law.

(All translations by Michael Hooper, Text International GmbH Berlin; English version authorised by F. E.)


  Articles regarding property law  
  Jewish Claims Conference and the Status of Limitations
ZOV 1/2016, p. 12
  Discussion unwanted? Jewish Claims Conference – A Taboo Subject
ZOV 4/2015, p. 246
  The Mosaic-Talmudic Right of Succession  

The Jewish Claims Conference – Legal Successor and Trustee?
ZOV 2/2015, p. 119


Meeting of the Jewish Claims Conference Board of Directors in New York
Jüdische Zeitung (Jewish Newspaper), July 2014, p. 4

  The ongoing expropriation of the next generation
ZOV 2/2014, p. 84
  Open letter to Representatives at the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Jüdische Zeitung (Jewish Newspaper), May 2014

Haller's Ignorance
Response to „Enderleins Ente“ (Enderlein's Hoax) published in the Jüdische Zeitung September 2013
The editor-in-chief of the Jüdische Zeitung refused to print my response to the published article

  Will there finally be justice for Jewish heirs?
Germany's highest administrative court rules on the obvious: JCC is only entitled to serve as a trustee on behalf of persecuted Jews or their heirs.
Jüdische Zeitung (Jewish Newspaper), August 2013
  Justice at last for the heirs of Holocaust victims?
Questions and comments regarding the Federal Administrative Court decision from April 24, 2013, BVerwG 8 B 81.12
ZOV 2/2013, p. 53
  Only 25 % for Late Applicants?
Comments on an ad run by the Claims Conference in the April 2013 issue of the Jüdische Zeitung: "'Aryanised' assets in the former GDR"
Jüdische Zeitung (Jewish Newspaper), May 2013

  Heirless and unclaimed. Unclaimed?
A review of § 2 para 1 sentence 3 of the Property Act
ZOV 6/2012, p. 324
  Still waiting for restitution
Jüdische Zeitung, October 2012, p. 12
  Government misconduct
Jüdische Zeitung, September 2012, p. 4

Still waiting for compensation
Comments on a verdict by the Regional Appeals Court OLG Frankfurt 3 U 132/11 from 26 June 2012
ZOV 4/2012, p. 181

  Althoff case presented to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
ZOV 1/2012, p. 9
  The Jewish Claims Conference in Court?
ZOV 5/2011, p. 202
  Abraham's Grandchildren
Jüdische Zeitung, October 2011, p. 5
  The Claims Conference and German inheritance law
Jüdische Zeitung, September 2011, p. 20
  The Jewish Claims Conference and the Constitution
ZOV 1/2011, p. 10
  The Jewish Claims Conference and joint heirs
ZOV 1/2011, p. 10
  The business secrets of the Jewish Claims Conference
Jüdische Zeitung, Dezember 2010
Reprinted in: ZOV 1/2011, p. 11
  Does Germany deal in stolen property?
ZOV 6/2010, p. 301
The Supreme Constitutional Court and § 30a of the Property Act
ZOV 5/2010, p. 212
  Missed application deadlines -
Correspondence with MP Siegfried Kauder
ZOV 4/2010, p. 174

Restitution bypasses victims
Why the German government needs to take immediate action!
ZOV 4/2010, p. 170

  The European Court for Human Rights and the (German) Property Act
ZOV 2/2010, p. 71
  Is the Federal Republic of Germany responsible for how compensation funds paid to the JCC are used?
Berliner Anwaltsblatt 10/2009, p. 354
  Expropriation pursuant to § 30a of the Property Act
ZOV 5/2009, p. 219
  § 2, para. 1, sentence 3 of the Property Act: Is it unconstitutional?
Thoughts on the Goodwill Fund administered by the Jewish Claims Conference
ZOV 6/2008, S 277
  What the guidelines and deadlines of the JCC Goodwill Program are all about
Jüdische Zeitung, August 2008, p. 2
  Restitution pursuant to the Property Act when the owner is still listed in the land register?
Neue Justiz 9/2003, p. 462
  Restitution or end of state administration?
ZOV 3/2003, p. 154
  No return of title necessary if the prior owner
is still listed in the land register
ZOV 5/2002, p. 263