Fields of activities

The main area of my activities are open property questions, i.e. claims according to the "Act for the regulation of open property questions", as well as according to the "Act on compensation for victims of National Socialism". Although all deadlines for submitting claims have elapsed long ago there is still a lot to do on this field, as the processing of such claims by the restitution offices ("Ämter für offene Vermögensfragen") is not yet finished in all cases, as against their decisions often objections have been raised, and as — if the decisions have been upheld or rejected by the appelate bodies ("Widerspruchsausschüsse der Landesämter zur Regelung offener Vermögensfragen") these has led to claims in the administrative courts.

According to section 2 para 1 of the property act the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, Inc. (JCC) is deemed to be the successor of all Jewish assets lost under Nazi rule if the original owners or their heirs did not or not in time submit their claims themselves. This does not mean, as is often asserted erroneously, that all lost property goes to the JCC automatically. The JCC too had to adhere to deadlines for submitting claims to the competent authorities.

Therefore, the JCC got the possibility to submit new claims for compensation up to 30 June 2007.

Many Jewish heirs who had missed the relatively short periods for claiming (31.12.1992 for immovables and 30.06.1993 for other property) therefore turned to the JCC for help. The JCC had introduced a goodwill programme out of which the heirs were paid up to 80 % as compensation. Also here deadlines for claiming have repeatedly been set, the latest run to 31.03.2004. For several years now there are demands to JCC to disclaim deadlines altogether and let heirs limitless participate.

A special fund for late comer was created for the years 2013 and 2014 which is considered by many as ridiculing the NS-victims.

In connection with those problems my activities embrace all questions of inheritance law and the law of real estate.